Sophisticated solutions to unlock capital.

About Us

Businesses and high-net-worth individuals are frequently faced with seemingly unsolvable capital challenges that result from complex regulatory and economic environments. But, where others see barriers, we see opportunities.

Park Avenue Finance delivers measurable value by tackling those challenges.

Each first-generation capital instrument and program we provide starts with a multi-disciplinary approach delivered by an experienced team that combines curiosity and industry know-how to design, vet, implement, and transact in sophisticated solutions that unlock capital. Together they bring together:

  • Global capital markets expertise

  • Extensive legal and regulatory knowledge in financial services, tax, intellectual property, and global markets

  • Access to industry-leading financial technology, proprietary data, and risk analytics

Our Team

Park Avenue Finance is more than the products and solutions it creates. 

We are an inclusive team of individuals with diverse education, career experience, culture, and gender – that together contributes to the innovation process.

Our Leadership

Nathan Pierce
Founder & CEO

Mr. Pierce is the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer, Chairman, and Advisory Board Director of Park Avenue Finance. He is also the former Co-Head of Fixed Income Capital Solutions at Morgan Stanley, where he was directly responsible for designing and executing 18 first-generation financial product innovations whose transactions released more than $3.5 Bn of trapped economic value. Mr. Pierce holds a JD and MBA from New York University and is admitted to the State Bars of NY and MA, the SDNY, and the Federal Circuit.

Chief Financial Officer

Cheryl is a compassionate, dynamic, and visionary financial services professional with 14 years of extensive expertise in restructuring, strategy consultation, and litigation support. She creates high-performing team environments through execution that results in company, team, and personal success. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University and an M.B.A. from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Zack Pontgrave
Director of Strategy

Mr. Pontgrave has 8+ years of experience as an owner, founder, and investor for several media, entertainment, and blockchain technology companies. Zack is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and digital asset sector pioneer. He brings nearly a decade of experience and insights into blockchain protocols and digital asset management alongside a vast global network of industry leaders. Zack’s core beliefs have helped shape his companies and guide philanthropic efforts worldwide, focusing on security, disaster management, and recovery.

Philip Barr
Chief Information Officer

Philip is an innovator, futurist, and thinker with deep experience pioneering technology and security solutions at top-tier global banks such as JPMorgan & HSBC, as well as financial institutions such as Barclay's Capital, Deutsche Bank, and ANZ Bank. His more than 25 years of experience as a premier partner to bankers, traders, executives, and external counterparties have made him adept at building platforms and frameworks that adapt and scale to the organization's immediate needs with capacity to accommodate future innovations. His additional experience managing and owning technology risks that were reviewed annually by a major us regulator make him uniquely qualified to balance first generation financial innovations with an eye towards information security and data protection. Mr. Barr is accredited with over half a dozen framework certifications and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Lafayette College.

Elizabeth Fischer
Strategic Advisor

Elizabeth is an innovative and creative thinker and a seasoned financial services professional. She specializes in working with C-suite executives to design sophisticated solutions that address macro and micro challenges and exploring opportunities to position clients well in competitive global financial markets. She is currently an independent consultant who provides advisory services to private equity, hedge funds, and high net worth individuals on structured products, capital planning, cross boarder arbitrage, and alternative investments. During an 18-year career at Morgan Stanley, Elizabeth held various leadership roles including as Executive Director in the Global Capital Markets Group. While at Morgan Stanley, she was a member of a senior executive group that spearheaded advisory work on mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring for the bank’s multinational corporate clients. In addition, she provided bespoke client solutions across multiple disciplines including developing tax-advantaged capital market products that are designed to address tax, financial, and regulatory constraints. Ms. Fischer holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance from Iona College and an MBA from New York University.

Our Sustainability

At Park Avenue Finance, we are committed to creating positive social and environmental impacts. Our sustainable business policies and practices are designed to help the communities in which we operate. 

  • REDD+ financing and brokerage activity

  • Charitable & impact grant factoring, advances, and loans 

  • Global environmental and sustainable projects financing and risk mitigation 

  • Commitment to allocate 5% of annual net profits to charitable and impact activities 

  • Board and officers are comprised of seasoned impact, sustainability, and green champions

We seek to contribute to a more sustainable business infrastructure at home and around the world by partnering with innovative organizations and participating in impactful initiatives. 

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