February 2, 2023

An overview of Park Avenue Finance’s solutions that unlock capital part 1

Bernard J. Hamilton

Park Avenue Finance designs first generation innovative transaction structures, financial services and liquidity focused technology system

Businesses and high-net-worth individuals are frequently faced with seemingly unsolvable capital challenges that result from complex regulatory and economic environments. But, where others see barriers, we see opportunities.

Park Avenue Finance delivers measurable value by tackling those challenges.

Each first-generation capital instrument and program we provide starts with a multi-disciplinary approach delivered by an experienced team that combines curiosity and industry know-how to design, vet, implement, and transact in sophisticated solutions that unlock capital. Together they bring together:

  • Global capital markets expertise
  • Extensive legal and regulatory knowledge in financial services, tax, intellectual property, and global market
  • Access to industry-leading financial technology, proprietary data, and risk analytics